Career Management

Traditionally Nurses have moved internationally to seek employment, gain valuable skill and experience or simply to develop their careers.

In the current economic climate it may be difficult for a graduate nurse to obtain employment at all. Fortunately, by taking an international perspective some or all of these problems can be addressed. With limited post graduate experience it may often be difficult to obtain work in your desired field or even in a hospital environment. A solution may well be in the Elderly Care sector where there continues to be a substantial demand due to our increased ageing populations. You would have the benefit of the following:

  • The security of a permanent well paid job.
  • Gain valuable nursing skills in Care planning, team work, medication administration, wound dressings and the care and management of many medical conditions. Elderly care has advanced and evolved and standards are high.
  • Training and opportunities to improve your education standards may also be on offer.
  • Elderly care is highly regulated career advancement opportunities are good within large group homes who serve this growing market.
career management

Current trends

Movement of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian nurses to the English and Irish markets. This trend is also emerging from Greek nurses. If you are a candidate with a good level of either French or German there are opportunities in both hospital and care sector in France and Germany.

In Holland and Dutch / French speaking Belgium care sector demand is high. Employment here could be considered after taking language courses as it is rare to find Dutch language skills amongst candidates.

Salary scales

Net salaries after tax by January 2013

UK 20,000€
Republic of Ireland 25,000€
France 24,000€
Germany 22,000€
Holland 18,000€
Belgium 18,000€

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