CV Tips

If you are doubting what to say or how to present your CV, doubt no more! Here you can learn some tricks that will make your CV more effective and will help you stand out.

Tips to write your CV

If you are doubting what to say or how to present your CV, doubt no more! Here you can learn some tricks that will make your CV more effective and will help you stand out.

Keep it short and simple

  • If you are a newly graduated, 2 pages should be more than enough; only highly experienced professionals are entitled to over 3 page long CVs


Keep it updated

  • A recruiter will need to know your nationality, current address, date of birth and full contact details. Information such as marital status and whether or not you have children is not mandatory, but it will help us provide the best support and advice for you.


Keep it professional

  • Make sure that the email address you have on your CV in the same as the one you use when contacting recruiters. Email addresses such as ‘butterfly123’ or ‘runnerguy89’ are not suitable when applying for a job. Yourname@ Gmail, Hotmail or another domain is the only address that belongs on your CV.


Keep it smart

  • Your CV should be presented to a recruiter as an editable document – sometimes your recruitment consultant might need to update your CV for you or include his/her own notes before presenting it to an employer – trust him with a Word document.
  • Your CV should include an initial paragraph of a summary; where you studied, what experience you have and professional registration status.
  • If you have work experience, please list it from the most recent to the oldest one. Provide some description of where you worked and responsibilities you have/had as a nurse, do not state only title and place of work, a brief description is needed. Same with Internships. The more recent the job, the more details need to be included.
  • If you have been a volunteer for quite some time in a Health related area (firefighters, Red Cross), you should bring attention to this by making a specific section “Volunteer Work”.
  • When stating your skills and abilities, try to be honest and original – all job applicants are dynamic, proactive and have great interpersonal skills. The difference between “I am excellent at team work” plus “I practice paintball” and “my experience in practicing paintball has helped me to develop my team working abilities” can be relevant.
career management
career management

Keep it clean

  • Don’t waste valuable space on your CV! Work experience that´s not related to Health Care is usually not very useful. You should only include irrelevant jobs if their omission would create a large gap in work history. Even so, just list them no further details are needed.
  • Filter your information carefully; a myriad of participations in seminars and congresses may not be very useful to assess your skills and it can distract the person assessing your CV from something really important, like you being involved with the Student´s association and having good grades at the same time, which tells us that you can multitask


Keep it looking good

  • Unless that´s stated as a requirement, the Europass format on your CV in not mandatory. You can use any of the Word templates or just write your own. A picture is not necessary on the CV, but also it will not do you any harm. We talk with a lot of people every day so a photo will help us remember you.
  • Play around with text formatting if necessary, recruiters either have good eyesight or wear glasses, so size 9 font may be ok! Make sure your CV is “ready to print” by testing it before sending it.
  • One more thing – when presenting your CV in English, bare in mind thataddresses and names of people and schools and workplaces should not be translated – this may sound silly, but trust us – there is no such family name as “Olivetree” in the Portuguese language.
  • Finally, always, but we really mean always, ALL THE TIME, double, or better, triple, quadruple check your spelling. Google translator or Linguee or Babel Fish or the Oxford Dictionary can help. PLEASE do not send CVs with spelling mistakes, they make some recruiters go crazy!

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