How to apply for a job in France

Primary Care Recruitment is selecting candidates for job vacancies in France.

All physiotherapists that trained outside France need to obtain their diploma recognition by registering with the OMK (Ordre des Masseurs Kinésithérapeutes). The process itself takes between 3 and 6 months.

Registering with the OMK

Before you can work in France as a physiotherapist you will need to Ordre des Masseurs Kinéthérapeutes (OMK).

If you are a physiotherapist trained in any European Union country, registration can be done in 4 simple steps! The registration is free of charge.

1 – To start the diploma recognition you need to fill in an Application form.

2 – You will need to complete these documents:

  • Proof of nationality (copy of valid passport or identity card)
  • Proof of any change of name
  • Copy of formal qualifications (as a physiotherapist, and other qualifications if available)
  • Proof of professional experience (copies of contracts, references, etc.)
  • Detailed description of your studies at the educational institution, including:

a. Total length of the course
b. Theory: subjects and lecture hours on each subject
c. Practical training: subjects and hours of practice on each subject
d. Departments where practical experience was gained, and weeks
spent in each department

  • Certificate of current professional status/certificate of good standing from the relevant health authorities in the most recent country of work and residence. The certificate must confirm that you are legally entitled to practise as a physiotherapist – that you have not been suspended, disqualified or prohibited from practising. The certificate must be issued within the previous 3 months
  • If the profession of physiotherapist is NOT regulated in your home country, proof that you have worked as a physiotherapist for at least 2 years out of the last 10. Submit contracts or references from employers stating that you’ve been working as physiotherapist and for how long
  • Certificate of good conduct (original, not a copy) issued by the relevant professional body (if one exists in your country), issued within the past year
  • If you intend to work as a health professional while you are already in paid employment, you must inform your employer.

Please note that certifications of copies and translations can only be done by lawyers, solicitors or public notaries!

You must send 2 copies of each document in your application by post. We recommend you use registered post, to avoid any lost documents. Please keep a copy of your application for your records.

3 – Once they are properly filled you will need to send the documents by certified mail to an address, that differs depending on the region in which you are going to work. You can find your correct address here.

4 – Once you have sent your documents, the authorities have:

  • 1 month – from the time they receive your application – to acknowledge receipt and ask you for any other documents they require
  • 3 months to take a decision, after receiving all the necessary documents
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